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Wildlife Tour of Yak

The Yak
Latin name : Bos grunniens (Linnaeus)
Local name : Jadala Barrae (Telugu), Ban Chour (Hindi)
YakIf you are on the wildlife tour in the heart of Himalayan region, Yak (Bos grunniens) is one of the prime attractions. Originally, it is a long-haired humped domestic bovine used for various purposes and presently found in Changechenno valley in Ladak. Yaks are 170 cms to 185 cms at the shoulder and weigh around 540 kg to 1000 kg. They have long shaggy hair hanging from its flanks covering chest, shoulder, thigh, and the lower half of the tail. They dense cover of hair protect them from bone shivering cold. They are brown or black and have tow massive horns over the head.

Yak are found in isolated, extreme coldest and rugged mountains of Himalayas. During the summer season, they reach in the high peaks of the mountains ranging between 4, 270 to 6,000 m. They eat grasses, shall shrubs, lichens and other plants. Due to the hunt of wild yaks for food by the Tibetans, they are considered as among the endangered species.
The Nilgiri Tahr
Latin name : Hemitragus hylocrius (Ogilby)
Local name : Nilgiri ibex (English), Varai ado (Tamil & Kannada), Mulla atu (Malayalam)
Nilgiri TahrLike Himalayan Tahr or Arabian Tahar, the Nilgiri Tahr is one of the most distinctive indiginous goat or sheep found Nilgiri Hills and the southern portion of the Western Ghats range in Tamil Nadu and Kerala states of southernmost India. This beautiful goat stands 100 to 110 cm at the shoulder and have curved horns and weigh around 80 to 100 kg. Dark yellowish brown in colour, the Nilgiri Tahr are stocky goats with short, coarse fur and a bristly mane typical difference between male and female.

The Nilgiri Tahrs live in groups taking care of each others. When they graze, two member of the flock keep watch over the enemy. They are the favourite hunts of panthers and tigers. They inhabit in the the open grasslands in the mountain region of South Western Ghats which feature an elevations from 1200 to 2600 m and sholas forests. Owing to poaching and hunting, the Nilgiri Tahrs faced extreme decline in its number and is counted among the endangered ones.
The Chinkara or Indian Gazelle
Latin : Gazella gazella (Pallas)
Telugu : Burra jinka & Gaddi Jinka (Telugu), Chinkara & Kal punch (Hindi)
Indian GazelleThe Chinkara also known as India Gazelle is a species of gazelle found in grasslands and desert areas of India. Graceful in look and the smallest Asiatic antelope, this Indian Gazelle is among the prime attractions of the wildlife lovers. The male gazelle stands at 65 cm at the shoulder and weighs 23 kg. The horns is a peculiar feature of male Chinkara. They are curved like the shape of 'S' with 15 to 20 rings and measure 25 to 30 cm. Female Chinkara have smooth horns. The colour of above part is chest nut which further deepen to the white of the under parts on the flanks and buttocks.

Our shy Chinkara live in small heard of 3 to 25 and are found in the plains and low hills of western, central India including the open lands of Deccan and south of Krishna rivers. The sanctuaries of Rajasthan have a large number of Chinkara. They come out of their habitat in evening and eats grass leaves crops and fruits. The unique characteristic is our Chinkara can survive without water for a long time.

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