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Slender Loris

The Slender Loris
Latin Name : Loris tardigradus (Linnaeus)
Local Name : Devangapilli (Telugu), Tevanga (Tamil)
Slender LorisThe slender loris belongs to the order Primates. The animal species is lanky in appearance and has bony limbs, with the tail almost absent. The eyes of a slender loris are proportionately larger, as compared to its body size. These larger eyes also look quite charming. The animal is nocturnal in habit and is active only after dusk.

The animal measures 20-25 cm in length and an adult male weighs around 280 to 340 gm. The females, however, have less weight, around 225 gm. The fur on its body is soft and wooly. The forelimbs of the animal are characterised by movable fingers, known for their pincer like grip. It is interesting to note that a slender loris can fall asleep even while holding on to a branch. Not much is known about the mating of this animal species. The gestation period extends over 3 months.
Fulvous Fruit Bat
Latin Name : Rousettus leschenaulti (Desmarest)
Local Name : Gabbillam (Telugu)
Fulvous Fruit BatThese bats are well distributed across the Indian peninsula and South East Asia. They are gregarious in nature and mostly inhabit caves, tunnels, old wreckings and big trees. The group size of a fulvous fruit bat may vary from 10 to 2,000.

From head to body, a bat measures 127 mm in length whereas the tail is 18 mm. The length of the forearm ranges between 72 and 86 mm. Light brown in colour, the fulvous fruit bat has an excellent sense of smell. The bat leaves it colony after dusk in search of fruit bearing trees. November to March is the mating time for bats. Breeding takes place between March and August.
The Capped Langur or Leaf Monkey
Latin Name : Presbytis pileatus (Blyth)
Local Name : The capped langur
Leaf MonkeyIt is a rare primate found at Tripura in India and in the Chittagong Hills of Bangladesh. The prominent feature of this monkey is its cap, which are actually long coarse hairs directed backwards from the forehead. Like other langurs, the capped langurs are also vegetarians.

An adult capped langur measures 60-70 cm in length from head to body. Its tail is 75-100 cm. On an average, the monkey is 12 kg in weight. The leafy monkey has a slender and graceful build, unlike the macaques. It has a dusky grey coat, with a well-defined crest that defines the head. They leave in search of food after down. The monkeys feed upon fruits, flowers and leaves. They live in groups and females are larger in number than males.

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